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Hi I have a new little one only about 4 months old her name is Judy and she gets super obsessed over food her food bowl and she is super protective over it and has bitten me to try to protect it

p.s this is my first dog
If your puppy of only 4 months, is biting you over her food bowl and meaning it, you need to stop this sooner rather than later. However I'd just urge you to put her bowl down, somewhere quiet and away from anybody likely to try to pick up the bowl. By all means make her wait for it to be given to her, but once down, leave her to eat in peace..

The very nature of a pack hound can be to defend what they see as 'their's' but to be biting you and not 'in play' is potentially serious. Bassets shouldn't be doing this even if they are a pack hound. Something is making her uneasy so I'd see this as a form of fear biting which makes the Basset unpredictable. Have you spoken to her breeder about what's going on - provided they are experienced with the breed, and responsible (with their breeding!) they should be able to help, advise you how best to proceed.

Do you have small children who might be unintentionally 'abusing' her - pulling her ears, tail and so on.
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