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Hello all,

I'm sure many of you are getting tired of my posts about Maggie's health issues. Well on the weekend I took her to the vet because her ear was looking bad. Her belly is almost always in a state of redness from itching which I try to keep managed by cleaning her off with antibacterial soap from the vet.

So she had an ear infection and her eyes were a bit red too, in addition to her belly. The vet and I discussed food allergies as a possible cause of these problems. I originally had Maggie on Authority brand food as that was the food her previous owners had her on. I changed her to Eukaneuba lamb and rice because I suspected a possible allergy (with the skin problems and loose stool). It turns out that the Authority had rice in it too, so now we are trying her on Eukaneuba skin and coat formula (or something like that) which has fish and potato. I'm on day two of changing her over and she seems to love it and doesn't have a probem with the change. She was sick to her stomach yesterday afternoon but I think that was due to the antibiotic pill she had taken an hour before, not the food.

It's going to be hard not giving her treats during the period where we check to see if the new food is better for her. But she seems to love the new food so much that I just give her pieces of the kibble as her treats and she seems happy.

So I'm home from the vet with ear drops, eye cream and antibiotics and new food... yeesh!
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