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I cleared off the garden, and then turned the boys loose. After I watched the video, I noticed that Digger was doing what Dozer was doing. First they had to pee on the pepper plants, then they jumped on the trailer, and then ran up to me. One after the other.

I cleared out the pumpkins from the garden, and I ended up with a few nice ones. I guess it's time for pie. :rolleyes:
(if the boys don't drag them around the yard <_< )
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I love watching videos of your 2!

P.S. I absolutely LOVE pumpkin pie!

Great video! That is so cool how they copy each other!
All of your pumpkins reminded me of something funny when we lived in Bassetchusetts!

I had bought a couple of pumpkins to put at the front door and one of the smaller ones was missing one morning. I figured an animal got to it or something like that.

My husband found the reminants of it under a tree in the side yard and cleaned in up. We forgot about it. Come the following spring, we had something like 8 or 9 pumpkins growning under that tree. From then on, I didn't try to use seeds from a packet, I just put a rotten little pumpkin in that area and always had them! One grew pretty big, but not the size of the ones you see from farmers on tv, where it can only be hoisted with a crane.


They were having a ball! Nice big pile of pumpkins . Wish Tummy had a play mate (darn) .
Funny video..........thanks for sharing.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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