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There are evil things afoot tonight
There's a mystery in the air
I can sense the trouble brewing
and I know exactly where

Yes, my bassets are scheming
Imagine! behind my very back
of how to grab those sizzling
steaks right off the oven rack

they think I know nothing of
their other diabolical plot..
to steal my fresh baked cookies
and not just one, but the whole lot!

I've seen them with their heads together
slyly watching my every move,
but those shifty eyes don't fool me
these two hounds are not that smooth!

The drool's always a dead give away
that there's something up
so I chase out them into the yard
and then the door I quickly shut!

Sandy Hamon 2006

[ February 07, 2006, 12:25 AM: Message edited by: owned by Bo and Duke ]

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Thanks for the compliments, gives me a bit more confidence...

I have rhymes in my head all the time, beginning to think I need to seek professional help! :D

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