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Flash wants to wish everyone a Happy 4th of July and take time to remind you that while you enjoy the holiday, your fur kids may not be quite so crazy about it. That said....

If your fur kid doesn't like fireworks and other loud noises, then please keep him or her inside. If he has a crate or other 'safe place', it might be the best for him to be, until things quiet down. A lil' bit of extra loving from Mom or Dad will probably help, too.

Whatever you do, Flash says don't EVER let your fur kud go outside this weekend without a leash, unless you have a securely fenced-in back yard. Even if your boy or girl isn't customarily placed on a leash, having him or her on one this weekend could very well mean the difference between a safe, happy weekend or an unsafe, anxiety-laden or grief-stricken one.

Flash knows you all love your fir kids and that you'll do everything possible to make this a good holiday for them, too!

Kisses and drool....

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