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How does he manage to run through a chain link fence?
some dogs lear to climb them But my quess is he is going underneeth tunneling etc.

3-4 fool wide epoxy coated wire fencing attaced securely to to bottom of the chain link and layed flat on the ground along the perimeter of the fence on the inside and burried 1 or two. When dogs tunnel to get out the do so close to the barrier they are tunneling under. So by adding the burried fencing you are creating a barrier to tunneling and the dog in general do not start the tunnel far enough away from the fence to get under this barrier. Other solution that have worked include adding a electric fence in the chain link Geting a a kennel With a chain link floor The keenels are smaller than a yard but more secure. A kennel with a poored concrete floor works as well. as not letting the dog out unsupervised.
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