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First Snow!

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Enjoying our first (real) snow. Dozer knows somethings wrong. We get wet heavy snow this time of year, but this stuff is like powder. Digger ran out of the picture just before I took it.

Here's a video added today:

But who's the idiot now for putting up the christmas lights early? Snow and below freezing temps for the next week.

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burrrrr i feel cold now looking at the snow! it looks quite deep. we dont get it like that in england unfortunately but maybe this year fingers crossed. Snoops ate the snow last year when we did get a little sprinkle!
Same here, we put our Christmas lights up last week when it was so beautiful out and this week their talking about a winter storm, glad our lights are done. We do need some snow; my lights look pretty silly without any snow, looks like we decorated for Christmas in the spring.

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I am weather jealous pretty bad. It is a freezing 87 degrees here on the west coast of Florida. My yard does look silly decorated without snow (but so do my neighbors!) And we decorate the Palm trees. I have to turn my AC down low and PRETEND it is cold outside. sigh. sigh. <_<
My woodstove is going full blast and you have to turn your A/C down low?! :) I would say lucky you, but I guess I'm used to it by now. No snow up here yet (a couple of flurries this morning). We have the decorations up but will only plug them in this weekend. Had to laugh, though. We have new neighbors this year and they put up a "whole" string of lights across their roof. When my husband is done (it takes him two weekends to put up lights) and turns them on no one will even see their string it will be sooooooo bright at our house. The first year in our house I was pretty sure planes we're going to use us as a landing strip! LOL! After that year I switched him over from all white lights to using colored lights, they're not as bright!
When we lived in Bassetchusetts, we used to do a snowman and when we were in Jacksonville, FL, my next door neighbor used to deck out (pun intended) her house to the nines with Xmas stuff. The outside had a santa on the roof in a shorts, she had reindeer in her yard with a sleigh. The raindeer had tank tops on! She had an infatable snowman tho which was great.

The inside of her house looked like a xmas store she had so much. Even the bathroom toilet seat was xmas-y.

I'm just glad we only got 3-4 inches down here. Up in the mountains, they got anywhere from 12 to 36 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. (funny how I can live my whole life in Colorado, and have never been skiing) I can just see the hounds plowing through the deep powder though.

It's getting very cold tonight too, at 7:30PM it's already 5° F (-14° C). We'll have to see if the -2° F forecast low is really going to be the low.

They aren't spending much time outside. When I got home, they weren't waiting at the gate like they normally do.
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