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first post! advice on new puppies

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Hi all.

I've got two eleven week old red and white bassets who are stunning. They are both males from the same litter and have had them just over a week now. I just worry when they fight. I've been told that it's totally normal and they need to establish which is the dominant male. I try and leave them to it but occasionally have to intervene when ear biting is followed by yelping and they just seem to get to rough. Once they calm down they get along great and sleep!! Just wondered if any of you have experience of this and how long it is likely to last? Have tried shouting at them to "STOP" but they carry on as though I'm not there.


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They aren't fighting, they are playing. That is how puppies play.

Unless one is actually injuring the other, let them at it.
Soundtrack is right, that's just playing... see first video clip below!!!!

Like you, I had two puppies (sisters) together from the same litter just over two years ago and they are just an absolute joy.

What you will probably find, if yours are like mine... that they are ABSOLUTELY INSEPARABLE and do not like being apart... they do everything together and if one is sleeping during the day, then the other is too and if one gets up, so does the other. If one goes out into the garden, then the other one follows... maybe it's a girlie thing and your boys may not be the same, but please hang around to let me know of their progress as having two together is just the best thing we've done and being so alike, they always get fussed over when we're out walking as they are clearly twins!!!!

I'll look for a couple of video clips of my two, who, because we got them at the end of June 2008, spent many hours running around the garden in the warm weather for much of their days through the summer, with resting together in between their playfullness, to recharge their batteries. I knew I couldn't walk them until they were older but with their playing and running around, they got plenty of exercise and could rest as they felt like it.... and they are two very happy girls.

Lots of clips here at different ages!

My two just played for ages like these clips below! Here's my two at ten weeks of age having a rough and tumble and they still play like this now... something that single pups miss out on!

Here they are a week younger than your two in the first couple of clips... they have masses of toys, yet liked sharing a piece of dowel:

From being around 6 months of age, Lottie (slightly shorter than Lucie) started sitting up for treats and does it anywhere and everywhere as she loves the attention her endless sitting up gets from people who see her doing it!!! SHe can balance for absolutely ages if she wants to and always sits for her supper of a few biscuits!!

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Thanks for sharing those, Sophie- totally cute!
they need to establish which is the dominant male
play has nothing to do with establishing dominance but is rehersal and learning dog social skill.

Puppy license and adult behavior–STOP SEPARATING PLAY.
I would have both neutered so that as they age playing doesn't turn into fighting,you will probably still have squabbles but should be managable.
Yeah I would definately have them neutered at abotu 6 months to a year before they get hormonal. Boys can get very mean and nasty when left intact together. I know of only a few breeders who are able to keep more than one intact male in their home at the same time safely.

Sophie those videos are just too darn cute and your girls a just too sweet. Much tamer than my Roxie when she plays with my inlaws rescue girl... Roxie is a sassy and rough playmate and is very vocal... at times it sounds as though they are killing each other with all the vocals although it isn't much more than what your girls are doing and rolling around.
Sophie, I love your video of sitting up Lottie! I am trying to get Nitro to sit up, but he has entirely too much fun jumping for his treats!
Sophie, I love your video of sitting up Lottie! I am trying to get Nitro to sit up, but he has entirely too much fun jumping for his treats!
Lottie did it without any encouragement but I have noticed that if I (or anyone else) stand quite close to her, facing her head, she instantly hops up on her rear.

I guess you may be able to temp Nitro to sit up, if you sit on a chair (or at the foot of the stairs) and getting him to put his paws on your lap and then hold up a treat for him, to see if he'll just move slightly away from you and after a few attempts, he may well sit up like Lottie, who needs no encouragement and even does it on dog walks if a fellow dog walker looks like they have treats in their pockets (she is also a pickpocket of the highest order and noses in everyone's pockets for treats or tissues to chew up)!!!

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The videos of Lottie and Lucy were wonderful. They are a couple of beauties. Really enjoyed that!
those videos are great! thanks for the helpful responses. Here is a picture of our 2 below:

they were at it again earlier. Gave them their tea at 6 and that was followed by 2 1/2 hours of fighting (playing?!). Poor Jasper's ear is cut again. I got a nice bite on my arm as well :(. They're fast asleep now as have tired each other (and me) out.
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Ben, your Bassets are gorgeous... I'd get them both neutered if I were you.. it should make them play less aggressively, although I suspect they're not hurting each other and they won't mean to bite you as it's just play with sharp puppy teeth!!

Awww thanks sadeyes2... Lucie and Lottie have always been such a happy pair and still very playful at 2yrs 6mths and they both love playing with their furry footballs that they either chase around the house by pushing them along, or I throw them along the passage between the hall and lounge and they run after them and bring them back or I throw them and they'll catch them in their mouths, as they are squishy and have squeakers inside so they run round squeaking them!

Lottie steals things (far too many, including butter, eggs, cheese, pork chops, minced steak etc) from the kitchen tops if not pushed far enough back and one day I noticed a punnet of nectarines was missing and she had them all over the lawn playing with like balls... she has also had satsumas outside playing with and clearly doesn't like the taste of them, unlike apples she's had outside with bites taken out of them!!!
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They sound and look like a couple of little terrors Ears bleeding, arms being mauled:eek: In fact I think they are too much of a handful for you, so just pack them off to me. Cracking picture of the 'Terrible Twins':D
HAHAHA sadeyes2, what a brilliant idea!!! :D Have you any pics of your Basset please?

Are the 'terrible twins' like mine and do everything together... if one is sleeping
then so is the other and there is never a time when one is up and the other at rest!

I don't want to take up loads of space on here but I do love seeing everyone's Bassets!!
The first picture was at nine weeks when we first got them... so snuggly!

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OMG how gorgeous are they!! lol at the comments - what is your address :D
OMG how gorgeous are they!! lol at the comments - what is your address :D
I'm not telling you my address in case you come round and steal my Bassets when I'm out!!! :D :D :D
I got a nice bite on my arm as well :(
Part of play fighting is learning bite inhibition ie how hard to bite. You do however need to teach the dogs that human skin is more fragile than doggie skin and the ear scrapes also indicate that they are each more tolleratant of rough play than typical so you may need to be more dillegent in teaching bite inhibition

Bite Inhibition - How to Teach It
Sophie, I love your video of sitting up Lottie! I am trying to get Nitro to sit up, but he has entirely too much fun jumping for his treats!
Keep in mind as with just about anything in life training a dog to Sit Pretty, sit up whatevery you want to call it is not without risk. After teach her basset my mother embarked on teach this to Toughy. Being the agility dog extrodiare that he was on his frist attempt he fell over backward. He never forgave my mom and from that day forward failed to listen to her, Yes he was extremely good at holding life long grudges as well,
Mikey, we have never taught Lottie to sit up at all... she just did it one night at about 6 months of age, when our three dogs line up for their four dog biscuits each for their supper and Lottie decided she would sit up like a meercat and has done it ever since.

Often she'll sit for ages with perfect balance. This afternoon I took her into our work studio and as soon as she saw my friend, she popped up like a meercat for a treat...

We had a Basset about 20 years ago (from the same breeder friend of ours) who also sat up exactly the same way and she was also called Lottie... so what a coincidence!
SophieB, Lottie looks like she is saying, "Yes, you may now approach my throne. As long as you have treats."
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