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Do they shed a whole bunch? I heard that when they do shed the fur is very hard and prickly and is alot everytime you pet them.

What is this hound smell truthfully like? Is it extremely stinky? Like when you walk into your house is it going to stink? Hahahahhah!!

Thanks guys.[/b]

Basset hardly shed ;) in a typical non- molting time it takes a week for them to drop every hair on their body and replace it with a new one. In heavy molting seasonal 2 time a year for up to two week that increases to a turn over rate of about once every four hours. The hair is short. stiff and difficult to remove.

As for the hound spell in a couple of year ya won't even notice it. Everyone that comes over might gag but you will be able to go on blissfully ignorant to the odor.

heck ya even skipped over housetraining :p

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