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First Dog Cloned

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First dog cloned

South Korean team overcomes challenges of canine cloning to create Snuppy

By Ivan Oransky

Move over, Fluffy; cloning isn't just for cats anymore. The South Korean researchers who announced earlier this year that they had successfully derived stem cells from a cloned human embryo have now created the first-ever dog clone, a male Afghan hound, they report in Nature this week.

The puppy–named Snuppy for the researchers' Seoul National University–was born by cesarean section on April 24 to a yellow Labrador surrogate mother and turned 100 days old yesterday (August 2). A second cloned dog lived just 22 days before succumbing to aspiration pneumonia. A postmortem analysis showed no signs of \"any congenital defect due to cloning,\" said Woo Suk Hwang, the leader of the Korean team. A third pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage.
The Scientist :: First dog cloned, Aug. 3, 2005
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I wonder how alike in temperament/personality the cloned dog will be? I suspect it would be different just like twins are different.

Looks like "Missy" didn't make it to be the first dog cloned.
Oh Lord! As much as I just adore my little original, I wonder how the world could tolerate another Francis!!
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