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First day of doggy daycare

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Gandy went to doggy day care for the first time today. We are at a function all day, and I didn't want him to have be at home for 8 hours. He's good for 4 hours, but I also wanted to see if this place would be a good place for boarding. It's only 4 blocks away, but he got carsick. He really hates the car. He didn't want to go in either. I'm having flashbacks to my oldest's first day of kindergarten.
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Just think how much fun he will hopefully have! More doggies to play with, so much better than being stuck home alone with nothing to do ;) I bet he has a blast and is wore out when you get him back!
He played so hard that he came in, got a drink, and has been sleeping in my lap ever since. My leg is starting to go to sleep, but he makes a nice laptop desk.
Awww :) I wish we had doggy daycares here just for something to do. There aren't any dog parks around here either. The joys of small towns! Glad he had a good day of playing hard!
Sounds like a good day in the life of a basset. I'll bet he's pulling your arm off trying to get through the door next time he goes there :)
Aww, I'm glad he had fun. I agree that next time he will be so excited to go.
Princess Buttercup can only tolerate half days in the little den (you know the side for shitzus & sissies). ;) Even after that she come inside flops down on the entry rug & doesn't move!! But whoo wee you ask her if she wants to go play & the race to the door is on!
That is so darn cute...and I am envious...we don't have a doggy daycare or even a dog park here either....although we do have lots of beaches and parks to run on...but all on leash for my baby Woody...:D
He and the hubby are both snoring up a storm. The big guy had as full a day as the little guy.
Now that really is cute....I have loved the picts and Video's you have all sent in of the daddy's and bassets all in dreamland....some a little louder dream land then others:D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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