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Some links for help finding a good breeder.

Finding a Good Breeder

There are three good ethical sources for family pets. One of them is a humane society or shelter. Another is an animal rescue group, which is an organization dedicated to helping homeless pets. The third is a responsible breeder.
What's most important are not the questions you ask the breeder but the ones breeder asks you.
Being grilled about your suitability as a pet owner is the single best indicator that you're dealing with a reputable breeder.
If the first test of good breeders is that they be as picky about you as you are about them, the second is the one I call the acid test: If you, for any reason, cannot keep this puppy or kitten down the road, will the breeder take him or her back?
There is only one right answer to this question, and that's an unequivocal yes. In fact, good breeders won't just agree to that, they'll require it in their contract.[/b]
Additional discussions of responsible breeding:

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