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NO you can be sure the only option is to increase the fess the AKC charges the Clubs putting on the events, which they are sure to pass on to us. The AKC already has the highest fee structures of any of the organization that sponsor agility event and I'm sure it is the same for other performance venues also. This would normally in the corporate world indicate some inefficiencies in management but I doubt we will see them addressed.

The Recording Fee in NADAC is $1.00 per run
while in USDAA it is 2.00 for each entry in titling classes the games clasees are non titling until the master level a 1.00 recording fee is assessed for them
The recording fee in AKC is 3.00 for the first run entered but nothing for the second.

Michael Tefts

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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