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Fientje the 3month old? Basset hound

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Here are some pictures of a recently tooth changing basset hound. Could I be only 3 1/2 months old or does someone recon I am older, cause the person that mommy bought me from has been lying about several things and we suspect about the age as well..... Am going to school nicely and weigh 9,3 kg. Have gotten all my injections, and am being told all the time I am a cute naughty puppy ;)
I do sometimes bite in stuff, but its because the teeth are hurting. And if someone has a trick of making me pee when it rains outside, my mum will be a happy camper knowing about it.
Went for my first swim recently and it was a surprise for all that I actually swam from one point to another. Mum was ready at all times to save me, which was a relief....
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teething begins at 4-5 month range and is a very good indication of age It is more likely she is 4 month or older depending on how long the teeth has be going on

And if someone has a trick of making me pee when it rains outside, my mum will be a happy camper knowing about it.
The dog tends to relect the owner a owner that does not like to go out in the rain is going to have a dog that is the same way. making rain fun and enjoable experience is going to go a long way changing the dog attitude toward it. It certainly is not a cure all but it does help.
Sammie started to lose her teeth at about 3.5 months ... Id say that fientje is probably around 4 months old.

Sammie also wouldnt go out in the rain either.. I would let her sniff her favorite treat (but not give it to her) and get her to go right to the door and sit down.. Then Id open the door and toss a couple out side. Once she went out side I just closed the door.. and when she came back in I gave her the one that she originally smelled, but only if she peed out side... It worked for sammie as she will do anything for food. :) down side,.. she expects treats every time it rains now even if she doesnt need to go out... lol
She is lovely. Best of luck with the house training.
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