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Field trial Video

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I have two links of video 23 minutes long of the E-town Field trial in which the open class was one by CH member Belle (buniator) see Belle did it !!!! for more detail The first segment is of Belles win. the very end incudes a very small snipet of the on and only bunny run in the cast. It is obvious from the video why the judging was done mostly on voice because of the thickness of cover,

for streaming video requires a broadband connection

for download to play later on a slower connection even though compressed the file is over 55 megs so it could take a couple hours or more to down load on dial-up

if the video is choppy the progessive download may help

Quick Field trial primer

Dogs hunt in a small pact of 4-6 hounds. The group of hound sent out together is a cast. The cast are chosen by random draw in which all the handlers must be present to affirm objectivity and randomness of the draw. I person with multiple dogs entered my choose if they desire to "roll-over" a second dog if chosen for a cast.

iF more than six dogs are in a class then the winners of the individual cast are drawn together to compete against each other to determine placement Other placements are determine by how the dog did in its cast.

Scoring A strike, jump and check are all scored 20 point Running game or another animal that is not a rabbit or a hare is an elimination Thing like backtracking, Striking in without a rabbit produced. etc will result in -10 point 3 minus point equals elimination

A strike harking in with 3 barks on a scent strong a fresh enough to produce a rabbit In laymen terms it is basical the dog calling to the other "hey there is a rabbit near by" Once a dog strikes it has 3 minute to have a rabbit produce or it will recieve a minus score. The rabit does not need to be seen to be consider produced. If the dog find a run a line that in the judges mind is the line of the rabbit that is suffcient. Also the line does not have to be that long especial if it end in a hole or cover in which the rabbit can safely hole up

a Jump _ moving the rabbit, that is getting the rabit to run, Again the sighting of a rabbit is not necessary running a line which is the line of the rabit in the judgment of the judge is suffcient. Not all runs produce a jump. There are time a jump can not be determine, For instances Dog one strikes in. Dogs two and three and Four Engage in seaching a brush pile and a rabbit runs out the back side. It is impossible to determin who jumped the rabit and no points are reward.

When running the rabbit ther will be time that the rabbit moves in such a way that it eludes the hounds tracking ability for a bit. If this occurs for more than 10 seconds a check is called. The dog to find the line of the rabbit out of the check is awarded points.

Keep in mind in all cases the dog must anounce its find. That is it must bay in the instance of a check two dogs start running the refound line the dog in front remains mute and the dog behind barks in it would be the dog behind that gets the point for the check.

In AHBA hunt there is emphysis put on the dogs ability to find game not just track it. There for in case of tie for points the dog with the most strikes win. In the case of where no bunnie found the it is the judgement of the judge of which dog did the best job hunting for gaming , scenting working through the cover and not just running aroung the open paths.

The purpose of the handler basical it to take the dogs out on leash to the spot the hunt is to start. and collect them at the end. The dogs basical work on there own with little impoint. As I thing the video will point out The handlers and the gallery spend most of the time in a pleasant walk throught the woods shootin the umm crap,, It is an easy layed back atmoshere in which any and all owners with bassets are readily encourage regardless of skill level as long as the resemble a basset hound. And unlike AKC field events spay and nueter hounds are allowed as well.
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