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Field Trial Results

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Macey once again did not live up to her kennel name and did not make a peep but found rabbits each day unforunately without opening up scored no points. on saturday she was the only dog to jump a rabit but by not open upStriking in she got no strike or jump points. All other dogs were put on that rabbit and score commenced at the first check all point accumlate in that cast were on that rabbit.

I half joke to the other handler that macey does not want to share "her" rabbit with any other dog so that is why she does not open and one of these day she is going to come back with a rabbit in her mouth and try to collect strike and jump points that way.

which is very close to what she did on sunday Unfortunatel the rabbit was at best a week old as she found a nest of them while the other dogs were busy running a rabbit

Mirriam aka soundtrack had two puppies well nearly 2 years old entered. Lenore took best of Show on the bench. and Deela place both days and finshed higher than macey on sunday a good showing for a pup that never been out before.
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But Macey had a great time right? She should have gotten a special award for finding a whole nest full of Wascally little Wabbits (as Elmer Fudd would say).

How did the hounds hold up in the heat? Maybe it didn't hit 90 up there but it did in PA. It's good the hunt was held in NY rather than the Denver PA site.

Congrats to all the winners!
Exciting! yay, Macey, sounds like you are moving to the sound of your own drumbeat. i like it.

i'd like to chase a rabbit sometime. well, i do like to chase Ginger, who is a chihuahua mix who runs fast and hops around like a wabbit. my person wonders if one day i might mistake it for a wabbit and go in for a kill. :eek: good thing my legs are short and i can't run as fast and catch her.

what does it mean to 'open' and 'strike'?
open = baying al la opening their mouths macey = closed mouthed or tight lipped

strike = AHBA is barking/baying at least three times in the presence of theroretical a strong rabbit scent. Once a hound is struck in they have three minutes to produce a rabbit to recieve 20 point if no rabbit is produce in the three minutes the they recieve minus10 point. A strike is basical a call to arm to the other dogs that say hey I got something over here help me find it. There is only one strike per rabbit.

Jump = moving a rabbit it is not alway possible to to determine which dog jumped a rabbit. ie rabbit moves out of a pile of brush three dogs are working

check = finding a lost rabbit line. Dogs tracking rabbit loose the line in AHBA for 10 seconds without making forward progress the dog that eventual find and moves the line and annouces it has refound the line recieves a check

all score in ahba are 20 point in case of ties in scoring fewest minus win followed by most strikes then most checks.

How did the hounds hold up in the heat
as ussual better than the humans. on saturday afternoon we had basically all the dogs out for a couple hours moving on rabbit for back and forth through the brook and swampy area for at least a half hour and ran after diinner as well

I had macey and mirriam's two out after the hunt on sunday as well. Macey worked better then then she did sunday morning in the cooler weather. Trial at North lancaster beagle on labor day and Mid august at glendale beagle club just north of binghampton a mere three hours or less for yay. Puppies always welcome if you getting on of the Craven pups.
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Thanks for taking them, I'm sure they had fun!

I should send you my foster, she would show Macey how to use her voice - this dog is constantly barking....
Thanks for taking them, I'm sure they had fun!

I should send you my foster, she would show Macey how to use her voice - this dog is constantly barking....
The big question is have they cleaned up ok for the big show this week Macey has a couple of cuts from working the brush.

Mariah is pretty good at that has taugh Macey how to manipulate fischer by growling an snaping at him, that you must bark while playing etc. Fortunately she never met Zephyr that dog easily out barked beagles and shelties. Don't know if you have one but if you do go back to the 2000 video of the bhca agility trial at the national you will hear a bark-bark bark bark in the backround when all the dogs are running that was zephyr pretty much for three hours.
that's so cool... i bet bowser would be good at this. we don't have the time management right now to find something in our area, but in the future i'd love to make it a priority. How fun!
I assume Ventura + SO cal

Kepp in mind on the left coast only AKC field trials and BHCA hunt test exist the dog needs an AKC registration for Field trials but an ILP is all that is need for hunt test. A list of local event can be found on the BHCA web site Field trials

Hunting Performance Test
November 25 2011 - Greater San Diego Basset Hound Club
Prado Regional Park , Chino CA.
Open to all scent hounds.

The biggest difficultiy is finding ground to let the dog train ie chase rabbits. most of the beagle clubs will not accommadate a member with a basset. IT is worth a try, Keep in mind many clubs either so much work ie help to maintain the grounds etc or higher fees to join but it is highly variable.

Yike a quick search turned up only 1 beagle culb and there are actual more basset field trials than beagle scheduled. your best bet is to attend one as a spectator and talk to people about getting started. Keeping in mind an AKC field trial is very differnt than an AHBA one. 1. AKC dog run for as long as the judge lets them to make a decssion ussual nnot all that long. AHBA 1 hour minimium. 2 AKC dogs pu on a rabbit track that was flushed by humans, AHBA dogs must find their own rabbit and a premium is put on finding rabbit in the score rather than acurate tracking.

BHCA hunt test are more like AHBA field trials.
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