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She sounds very similar to my wee westie when I first got her.After the honeymoon period of several weeks, she then felt more at ease in her new home, and then all hell broke loose.!!(seemingly this is very common) It was obvious that she had never been socialized and I was told that she indeed had been ill-treated. My first attempt at a training class was a disaster. When she wasn't trying to climb the walls, she was growling and trying to attack every dog and person in sight.

I was told that this was fear and she needed very definate(not harsh) leadership so that she felt secure enough to leave me in charge.

I had to ignore her for about 4minutes EVERY time I came back after being away from her for more than 5minutes, even if I just went to another part of the house. She was not to be allowed up on furniture unless I invited her. She was not to be petted, unless I called her over. At home I practised the come, sit , stay routine. I took her out on walks and whenever a dog came into view I told her to sit and gave her a treat. I went back to classes and she was, although not perfect, so much better.

The other problem was that in the middle of all this I got Toby and of course, he started copying her.(funny how they always copy the bad habits, never the good :rolleyes: )

Just dawned on me that you were asking how to stop her barking, and I seem to have gone off on a tangent here. :rolleyes: Well terriers were bred to bark, so trying to get her to stop is extremely difficult almost like getting a hound to stop sniffing and I never actually tackled that one properly, but she certainly barks a lot less often than when I first got her.
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