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When I was a little girl, there were lots of dogs roaming all over our neighborhood. We knew them, they knew us, and everybody got along. I think Barb's remark re: fenced yards is part of the problem. Our society forces dog owners to isolate their dogs. A dog that's 'out there' learns street smarts. They get along with people and other dogs.

Having said that, no way would I let my dogs roam all over town. Too many crazy, dog-stupid people out there.

Maybe I've just been lucky. So far, I've never had a dog that was fear aggressive or poorly socialized. Our house has always had lots of people in and out, our neighbors like dogs, and now, we go to handling classes and dog shows. I'm not discounting the importance of socializing at an early age -- I happen to think it's something a dog always needs, just like most people do.
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