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FDA News

August 30, 2004

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FDA Approves Drug to Treat Skin Infections in Dogs

The Food and Drug Administration has approved a new antibiotic drug for dogs, giving veterinarians a ne w once daily tre atment option to treat skin infections (wounds and abscesses) which are common problems among dogs.

The product is called "Simplicef ®" (cefpodoxime proxetil), developed by Pharmacia & Upjohn Co ., of Kalamazoo, Michigan, a division of Pfizer, Inc. The drug is an extended spectrum cephalosporin that is effective in the treatment of skin infections in dogs caused by susceptible strains of Staphylococcusintermedius, Staphylococcusaureus, Streptococcuscanis, Escherichiacoli, Pasteurellamultocida, and Proteusmirabilis.

"This approval should provide significant help to veterinarians and dog owners," said Dr. Lester M. Crawford, Acting FDA Commissioner. "It represents the progress that FDA and the animal medical community has made in helping to provide better medical treatment to our pets."

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