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favorite "treat"

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I haven't posted in a while - but am now getting back into viewing the forum on a more regular basis.
I was wondering what is it that your pup goes absolutely bonkers over? Forrest goes "crazy" over Twizzlers candy (strawberry flavor). I don't eat them often so when he smells them, which can be from another room, he wastes NO time in climbing up on me - all the while spreading his drool until I give him some. It's quite a comical sight!!
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Sardines in olive oil!!!!! He sometimes gets a little bit through his kibble and goes crazy. Can't think of anything else as he knows whatever I'm eating there is no way that he is getting any so never even tries to beg.
Altoids! :blink:
Chicken jerky strips!

or . . .

Woodrow goes crazy over Lay's potato chips. Just the regular flavor. Of course I would never feed him something so greasy, but my dad gave some to him once and he loved them. I don't know if it's the crunch or what. Sometimes my dad will sneak Woodrow some when I'm not around. But he's not the one who has to deal with the yucky stomach!
Thankfully, they haven't messed up his stomach so far, and we are DEFINITELY keeping potato chips as a "once a year" treat!
Bonios - minis and frozen blackberries.
Mini-Marshmallows are Dozer's favorite. I can't have a cup of hot chocolate, without him looking for little marshmallows all over the floor.
Annie's favorite is peanut butter and just found out yesterday she has been eating out of a jar that has been declared tainted so off to the store for another brand today.

CHEESE and a nice CUP OF TEA!!!

I dont drink hot drinks but when my other half has a cup of tea snoopy sits at his feet until he's finished and then he lets her have the rest - out of the mug i might add - she's so spoilt by him - might i add he has no comtrol over her and i do and he wonders why!!!!
definately cheese.

and toast.

and cheese on toast.
My dogs will eat anything given-like most Bassets I'm sure. They really do like Frosty Paws though.

Mr. Runcible loves corned beef, rew meat and sour cream.
I just have to remember to watch out for the slippery floor afterwards.
Well, Bubba is partial to his vegetables. But let me tell you, when it comes to green beans, he becomes a fanatic! In the summer when we are sitting around snapping our beans, he just goes bananas. One afternoon, the doorbell rang and I had to set aside my pan of beans, not thinking about Bubba. When I came back seconds later, he was happily chomping away
with the pan between his paws. :rolleyes:
Speaking of treats, anyone up to baking for your bassets? If so, give me a "whoof" back and I will share a neat recipe I was given just last week for "cookies" and done in the microwave. Bubba and Sam really like them, and because of the natural household ingredients, I think they are probably a lot more nutritious than the packaged treats. Let me know!
Bogie definitely likes his veggies too, especially string beans and zucchini, but I think cheese must do it to. Yesterday I am pretty sure he tricked me out of the room while there was a 1/3 of a baked brie wheel left on the table that he usually cannot reach. However, when I came back into the room after making his dinner, he was sitting on the floor next to the table licking his chops, with the now empty plate moved dangerously close to the edge of the table.

Oh, and milk! I can't have a glass of milk or cereal without him wanting it, and acting very nice to get it. And i certainly can't put it down anywhere.
Altoids? Really, Betsy, or was that a joke? Pearl goes nuts over tuna fish sandwiches. Bella goes nuts over anything edible. Ijust tried to think of a favorite treat for her, and came up with a blank, since she's such a chow hound. :rolleyes:
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