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fat bassets

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ok i notice that alot of these bassets are bigger than lulu rounder and saggyer than her does that come with age or we not feeding her well enough she is rather thin fo a basset though she weighs almost 50lbs
what do you all feed your dogs and how much and how often?
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i've heard that some breeders are making deliberate attempts at producing slightly smaller Bassets than in the past, perhaps to give them greater mass appeal as pets?

but i've seen some that are as small as large beagles, and some that are as big as Labs (only with shorter legs :) )
Originally posted by Betsy Iole
Responsible breeders strive for a balance of proper conformation and movement, and they don't breed for the pet trade.
i agree. it's weird, because more than any breed, it seems like the appearance of Bassets varies from dog to dog. they're all very cute, but like you said, there's some that are thinner and smaller, and in some ways, they're like a whole different breed than the larger, more "classical" Basset.

also, i've noticed very different temperments. some have been almost like terriers and others very shy and reserved.
Originally posted by hillyb
oh them maybe lulu isnt a classic basset i got her from a breeder in cameron missouri  :(
how much does she weigh? she looked like a Classic Bassett to me!
those giant ones that you see in Europe, can those be gotten in the U.S.? do foreign breeders sell in the U.S.?
well, for one thing, Males, IME, tend to have more wrinkles than Females. so the fact that Lulu is female could have something to do with it.

as far as when wrinkles show up, i've noticed with my dog, it depends what he's doing. if he's walking down stairs, you can't even see his eyes because the skin falls over his eyes!

however, if he's looking up at me, the skin is pulling down on his face, and he doesn't look too wrinkly at all.

but by the time he was 1 years old, he definitely had extra skin.

but i don't think wrinkles in general are necessarily a characteristic of a pure-bred basset - the fact that Lulu is without too many doesn't mean she's not a great Basset!
Originally posted by hillyb
well she has loose skin on her face, head, neck, and body and  mildly loose around her legs but not much  shen she lays down her face wrinkles up but her legs i guess just wont, i thought maybe they got more loose as they got older like people do hee hee
dude, i wouldn't worry. judging from the picture, you have a very good looking Basset, by any standard. she has huge paws too which is a nice characteristic.
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