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fat bassets

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ok i notice that alot of these bassets are bigger than lulu rounder and saggyer than her does that come with age or we not feeding her well enough she is rather thin fo a basset though she weighs almost 50lbs
what do you all feed your dogs and how much and how often?
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yah the vet said she was good the last time i saw the vet which was 6mos ago and i feed her on demand we put food out for all our pets and leave it out when the dish is empty we refill it none of my pets are fat
heck even my kids are kind of skinny lol she loves people food too but it hought it was bad for her so other than scraps form the the kids dropping on the ground we dont much feed her table food she does get up on the kitchen table and i will turn around and there is a bassett sitting on my kitchen table werid dog
oh them maybe lulu isnt a classic basset i got her from a breeder in cameron missouri :(
i dont know how much she weight some where around 50lbs i am guessing she is damn heavy she might weight more or less a bit
i just didnt know if the really wrinkely bassets come with age or if they arent like that as puppys they wont ever be? and to be sure we were feeding her well enough she is fairly active at times and lazy at others she eats as much as she wants which clearly isnt too much since she isnt fat at all just heavy lol
but i thought maybe she isnt a classic basset bexause she isnt all saggy like some of them here

i cant get a good side shot of her to tell which she resembles more
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she has loose skin and she has face wrinkles but not like the huge ones around her neck and legs like i have seen from some that look more houndy than she does i didnt know they came in soo many differnt varitys that is very interesting, no i love her wouldnt trade her for all the wrinkles in the world and the bassets i see around here they tend to look like lulu i hadnt seen the really wrinkled ones until i was here and it made me wonder what the differnce was
omg thats just cruel look at those puppys omg they aer sooo cute it makes me want to get another one so lulus not lonely , not that she is , she has a doggie friend but still we cant afford another one for awhile but man maybe as my kids grow up an dleave home i will replace them with bassets and name them the same as my kids so i can still yell out their names :cry:
so i am guessing the extra wrinkly dogs have extra wrinkly puppys those are some very wrinkled puppys and mama goregous just gorgeous i will do more homework before buying another one next time maybe i will know more about what i am doing
well she has loose skin on her face, head, neck, and body and mildly loose around her legs but not much shen she lays down her face wrinkles up but her legs i guess just wont, i thought maybe they got more loose as they got older like people do hee hee
it was more a curiousity than a worry is all
what is conframation i saw a link and was sort of reading it thru is that for showing dogs? do some of you show dogs? and breed them ? as well as own them
wow this is all very interesting i will have to read more about it i watch those dog shows all the time i love watching them i never could figure out exactly what they were judging them on i mean you can see them feeling the dogs and looking at them walk and prance and ect, and i have seen the agility shows where they run their dogs thru the races and stuff which i find very interesting as well and yes i didnt know they came in soo many varietys i mean when i looked in the paper for basset hounds i didnt know to ask well blah blah blah i will know more next one i buy in a year or so proably since they dont run very cheap 600-1300 around here and i will do more research in to the breeders, do you all know of any good breeders in missouri
thanks soo much for the help and information sorry for asking soo many questions
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