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fat bassets

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ok i notice that alot of these bassets are bigger than lulu rounder and saggyer than her does that come with age or we not feeding her well enough she is rather thin fo a basset though she weighs almost 50lbs
what do you all feed your dogs and how much and how often?
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My two weigh 54 & 59 lbs. Dozer could gain a lot more weight, a Digger looks like he could gain a few more pounds. Vet said they both are thin, and should gain at least 10 lbs.
They get all the canned and dry that they will eat. If I feed them more, they won't eat it. If I fed them more table scraps, they would gain more weight, but I rarely feed scraps. (OK, last week they ate 6 hamburger patties and 4 hot dogs that were left from last weeks picnic, but that was a treat. If they ate like that all the time, they would be fat.)
By the way, they are very active.
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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