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Famous basset hound Friday

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We have our latest famous hound at Jowls of Fury. This makes 10 hounds in the last 10 weeks, and we've only just covered 10% of the hounds we have files on. Stay tuned for next week's edition.
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I love your blog as well........just teared up watching your "Mama's Home" video. Miss my greetings at the door now terribly, coming home to an empty house is just no fun :( Kathy and Angel Bentley ATB 3/1/11
Thanks everyone. bassetmom, I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I know I would miss the welcome-home howling too.
I love this blog, and I liked it on Facebook.
Boomer's Mom, this really doesn't have anything to do with bassets, but if you're anywhere near the Platte River in Nebraska you should check out the sandhill crane migration. I hear it is a pretty awesome sight. We have a pair of them on the wetland where I work that showed up in the last two weeks.
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