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Face Wash

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Stickers does this just about every morning to Rusty! Check out his expression :lol: :lol:¤t=000_0027.flv
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I'm having a hard time viewing the video.
I want to see!! ...try to edit. The link doesn't work.
I'm having trouble with Photobucket. When I am copying the video into Photobucket from Kodak Easyshare it's copy a "change link option"???? I don't know how to remove it :( :(
I got it to work if you click on the link!
Not working for me.
Works now. Thanks.
My 2 females do that all the time, specially when they first did the 'pre wash' in the dishwasher :)
Lovely video. It shows that the dogs trust eachother :)

That's just like my Lily. She is very motherly towards Gibbs. She cleans his face, ears, and once he had a "boo boo" on his leg and she cleaned that too.

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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