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Exciting weekend!

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Bogie had a very exciting weekend! Saturday was a small dog playgroup, and though he isn't small, they still let him play with the little dogs!

Bogie with a very sweet Cavalier Spaniel

Staring down the French Bulldog

Getting group attention
A little Pomeranian named Tyler instantly took a liking to Bogie

Constantly the Pom kept finding him! And eventually did something to Bogie that is not PG

Bogie had a great time chasing after all the little dogs that could out run him.

The next day was even better though, because it was the ABC Basset Hound rescue picnic in Syracuse!

Bassets were everywhere!

He took some time away from bassets to run around in the dog park and sniff.

And found a friend with a beagle mix!
And he fell in love with a Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. I won't post the picture because it was also not PG! But she was a very pretty dog.

However, his best friend of the day was Leo, another young Basset Hound. They spent at least an hour playing with each other!

There is Leo, on one of their breaks.

And then he spent the last bit of time at the picnic relaxing

And checking out the cute basset girl who walked by ;)

And after all that excitement, I took him to the vet yesterday to get checked out, mostly because his neuter incision looks infected.
And now he's one miserable doggy
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Love the picyures! Wish we had a play group around here! It looks like fun!
Looks like a hell of a party, :lol:
with a hangover next day! :(

Lovely pics!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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