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I haven't been around for a while (since the incident with Mocha) due to the fact I had some serious things going on around here I had to take care of ...

... as some of you may remember there have been ongoing issues with the place where I've been staying and they've been getting worse and worse and I've been at my wits end trying to figure things out.

Well things have all of a sudden started coming together - as of December 3rd I will be out of this place!

**Yay!Cheer!** :lol: :)

Even better I am able to keep Beldin!

**YAY!CHEER!** :lol: :)

Now here's the scary part ... we (me and the kids and the hound) are moving accross country!!! :blink: :eek:

From BC to Ontario! :blink: :eek:

At first (for about a year) we'll be renting ... but guess what?! I am getting a 2 acre property and having a house built on it so in about a year I'll have my OWN house on my OWN property!

I am so excited and scared and thrilled and anxious all at the same time but it's going to be good.

I won't be around again for a little while now, I have to cancel the internet and will be spending the next couple weeks packing and sorting and running around like a chicken with my head cut off.

In the mean time if anyone has done a large long distance move with thier houndies I would appreciate any advice, fore-knowledge, words of wisdom/encouragement etc you could offer please ... I'd really like for this to go as smooth as possible for all of us and to be as less stressful on the houndie as possible.

Thanks! :rolleyes:

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Congratulations!! That is exciting news for you and your family.
On moving with your fur kid:

Get vet records and shot records from current vet and carry these
inside your vehicle. Be sure Beldin is current on all his shots.

Try to keep the same feeding routine with him.

Keep where easily accesible: favorite toys, blanket, bed, etc. to help
him feel at home while traveling.

Be sure to take poop baggies, fresh water, treats, and usual food for

Make color pictures of Beldin, front, sides, etc. and put them in your
vehicle. In case he should get loose you can show these pictures and
it sure beats just saying "I've lost my Basset."

Possibly get tag for his collar with his name and your cell phone number if
that is what you will be using while you travel or an embrodiered collar
ith this info on it.

Get a safety harness for Beldin that you can buckel in the seat belt, so he
can travel safely in your vehicle and not be a flying missle should you
have to stop suddenly.

Stop frequently while traveling so he can stretch his legs and have a potty stop.
Offer water and a small treat.

Carry old towel for wiping wet or muddy paws it caught in the rain while traveling.

Once at your new home give him lots of love and attention and he will do fine.

These are the things we do while traveling with Bogie. He logged over 9,000 miles
with us this summer, and he now loves traveling.
Good luck!!

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I'm so glad to hear you're getting out of that situation. It was toxic. I only moved half-way across the country, which was tramatic enough (for me). I don't think the dogs noticed. So BubbaLeroy's list is way more comprehensive than mine would be. Congratulations, good luck, and let us know how everything's going on the new side of Canada!

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I can't really think of anything to add to the excellent tips already given by Bogie's mom, but wanted to say congratulations and best of luck to you, Christina! We did the exact opposite move a bit over a year ago, from ON to BC, so I understand the excited yet scared feeling! Hey, can you take me with you....I still really miss 'home'... ;)

I hope the weather cooperates for your drive! We did our move in the summer and ended up spreading the trip out over 5 days, mapping out the trip and reserving dog-friendly hotel rooms in advance.

I hope you, the kids and Beldin will be happy in your new home! :)

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Christina - I can't begin to tell you how happy I am for you!!! This is great news.

How's your son handling it? I hope that goes smoothly.

Please check in when you arrive at you new home or during the trip if you find the internet somewhere.

I think that all the bases about moving have been covered. Just expepect something to go wrong - it always does & I hope it's minor.

Lots of moving drool for all of you!

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