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As many of you long-timers know, my 7 1/2 year old basset, Francis, went blind last summer from glaucoma. I took it far worse than he ever did. He used that stubborn, plucky, indomitable spirit of his to move forward, learning new tricks and new commands so we could continue going on our little jaunts and adventures.
Since Francis now uses his nose as his eyes it has slowed our walks down to a crawl as he has to sniff every single object he gets close to. Then he goes back to sniff it again if he still hasn't gotten the information he needs!
The funny thing is, I'm now grateful for the lack of speed. I'm now noticing things I never would have seen if we walked at a faster pace. I see the progression of the seasons as reflected in the greenery and wildlife around me and I, too, am smelling the roses.
Thanks, Fran!

How wonderful that you are appreciating life and all the beautiful things in it in a different way. Francis's way. It's amazing what our dogs can teach us if we slow down long enough to appreciate them!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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