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Ever wonder where missing socks go?

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Hmmm I wonder? :lol:

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Awww man my favorite stockings will have basset ear wax on them now...
Very cute! LOL!

Adorable picture!!! I do know of Bassets that have eaten socks.
The other morning Snickers was fast asleep, but awoke when I dropped a sock on the floor. slowly got up, stretched, gingerly walked over, and started to play with it. She was so cute I couldn't say no! :)

Rufus would have those swallowed in a heartbeat.
My basset ate a ped type sock. My daughter saw her eat it, there was nothing else to do but wait and see what happened. For the next three days, she (Lucy the basset), ate, pooped, pee'd and slept as normal. She acted like her normal quirky self. I kept asking my daughter, "are you sure it was a sock, maybe it was just a tissue". "Yes", she was sure it was a sock b/c she only had one sock left. On the fourth day, I heard Lucy gagging underneath the table, she threw up a pretty gross looking sock!
That is to funny gsally!! I can't believe she ate the sock, well at least nothing bad came from her eating the sock.

Awww soooo cute!! Our Bassets love socks and pinch them from the washing machine and I often find them in their beds!!!!
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