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The diagnosed dog we had only siezed in sleep while we were home. That said the most tail tail sign of a siezure after the fact was not anything physical that occured durring the siezure but the post siezure phase wich lasted on the order of 24 hours in which the dog was confused and disoriented.


Generalized, tonic-clonic (formerly called grand mal) seizure:  The seizure begins with contraction of all skeletal muscles and loss of consciousness. The dog usually falls to his side with the legs stretched out and the head back.  This is the tonic portion of the seizure.  Sometimes he will vocalize or have facial twitching.  Vocalizations are involuntary and do not indicate pain.  Often the dog will drool excessively, urinate, defecate or eliminate his anal glands.  

...Following the seizure, the dog may lay motionless for a brief period.  Eventually he will get up on his feet and may appear to be perfectly normal, but typically will show signs of post ictal behavior.  These signs may include blindness, disorientation, pacing or running about the house bumping into things.  The post-ictal behavior can last anywhere from hours to days after a seizure.  

...Not all generalized seizures follow this pattern

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