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Canine Epilepsy Network, sponsored by the University of Missouri

My dog was diagnosed as having epilepsy. Can you tell me more?, VetCentric
Understanding Canine Seizures, VetCentric
Drugs That Control Seizures, VetCentric

Idiopathic Epilepsy in Dogs, ("Idiopathic" means no known cause.)

Seizure Disorders, Mar Vista Animal Medical Center

Clinical and Genetic Advances--Canine Epilepsy, George J. Brewer, MD

Epilepsy, M. Berendt. In:  Clinical Neurology in Small Animals - Localization, Diagnosis and Treatment, Braund K.G. (Ed.)
International Veterinary Information Service, Ithaca NY (, 2004; B0230.0704 (Written for veterinarians.)
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