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First, not all seizures are epileptic seizures. Seizures can be primary or reactive/secondary. Reactive/secondary seizures are due to some underlying cause, such as traumatic head injury, exposure to toxic agent(s), low blood sugar, liver disease, etc., etc.

Primary seizures don't have an identifiable underlying cause, and these seizures characterize idiopathic (no known cause) epilepsy. A genetic component is currently suspected in many, if not most cases of idiopathic epilepsy. If Sissy turns out to have idiopathic epilepsy, her breeder needs to be notified.

Seizure Disorders--a basic explanation of seizures--which ones are epilepsy and which ones aren't.

Here is a link to Purdue's Canine Epilepsy Network.

See also Seizure and Epilepsy Links.

A word of warning--there are some rather extensive (and pretty!) websites about epilepsy in pets, put together by well-intentioned individuals, that contain a mixture of accurate information and more dubious material. Watch out for them.

Unfortunately, epilepsy is a chronic condition that doesn't get better; at best, it can only be controlled. Because of this, it lends itself to disreputable people looking to make easy money peddling miracle cures to desperate pet owners. :(

If Sissy is found to have epilepsy, please follow your vet's advice. Be sure to check with him/her before trying any new vitamins or supplements, because these can sometimes lower seizure thresholds or interfere with the effectiveness of antiseizure medications.

Good luck to you and Sissy.

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