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The products involved appear to be Advantage and Frontline. From JAVMA News,
March 5, 2004
Published in advance of the April 1, 2004 issue of JAVMA

 EPA orders retailers to stop sales of counterfeit flea and tick products for pets

The Environmental Protection Agency is acting to disrupt an effort to distribute counterfeit products for controlling fleas and ticks on dogs and cats. The agency has ordered pesticide distributors and retailers in a number of states to stop selling counterfeit products that contain false EPA registration numbers and labeling for Advantage and Frontline brands of pesticides.

The orders prohibit retailers and distributors from distributing or selling the counterfeit products and make them responsible for their proper disposal.

The counterfeit pesticides appear to have been unlawfully imported and packaged in retail cartons designed to look similar to legitimately registered pesticides sold in the United States. The EPA investigation is ongoing and, so far, it appears that the counterfeit products have been sold to distributors and retailers throughout the country.
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