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Emma og Doris

Mountains sweeping down to the sea
are lovely in their way
But there is so much more to see
when one travels to old Norway

You can stroll thru museums
There's art work galore
carvings by Vigeland...
but wait, there's more

Fiords that glisten in the sun
like diamonds set in gold
what more could there be
in this land from days of old?

the viking was a mighty man
firece, we all know that
but could he be what
really put Norway on the map?

I think not, for I have seen
Norway's finest treasure...
imports, I know, but how
they give such pleasure

They are well known to all,
the bassets Emma and Doris,
around the town, and
even deep into the forests

So if you do get to Norway
all your plans you can scrub,
just look for those two basset girls
and give them a belly rub!

Sandy 2006

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You're welcome Steinar, those girls would inspire anybody. That first line just 'hit me' , and the rest just flows...I think I wrote it in three minutes flat! like I said, even if they aren't such great poems, I still have fun with it. :D

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