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Emma Loves Presents... (pic)

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Good evening everyone.

Emma is growing like crazy. Keeping us on our toes, but I have never seen a dog so loved.

My sister sent her a valentines gift which was a stuffed animal frog. The girl hasnt put it down since she opened it today at 3pm. Wanted to share a pic with you all.

Regards to everyone.


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OMG!!! Cuteness overload!!
0h! what a beauty .Happy to be a slave for tummy Boy. :) :)
She is adorable. That is how Spencer has always been with toys, which makes them very fun to buy! He has about 3 laundry baskets full of toys - 1 upstairs, 1 downstairs & 1 in "reserve." (I trade off every now & then. He gets very excited, thinking he has gotten a whole bunch of new toys). He plays with most of them & most nights, I have to go around picking up all the toys. Still, he always goes back to one fave - a gray bunny. I can't figure out what makes it so special, but when he wants it, he will dig & search until he finds it. They are so funny!

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Sweet pictures! I wish my crew played with stuffed animals. They like balls and ropes though. yvonne
My Willie (ATB) loved his babies. We put his beloved groundhog with his urn- They get so attached- My others aren't as fond of the stuffed animals though Sami will carry them around on occasion.
What a sweet little girl, and being so proud over her toy! Very charming! :)
It seems I'm changing my wall paper for each picture that comes on this site. SHE'S SOOOOO CUTE! I just want to hug her!
That first picture is priceless! I hope you have a big one made and in a frame on your wall. I would.
She's a beauty!!!
Aw, how cute! Daisy is the same way with her purple ape and furry soccer ball. :)

I gave my MIL's dog a stuffed bear for Christmas, last time I saw it, it was nearly loved beyond repair--both arms and one ear were gone, and the head had been sewed back on. Guess Murphy will get another bear for Easter, maybe. ;)
Originally posted by Rubydoo:
That first picture is priceless! I hope you have a big one made and in a frame on your wall. I would.
I couldn't agree more. That is one fantastic picture!

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