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Elmer's second birthday was yesterday. It sure was a busy day! Here are some of the pics we took:

The day started with a birthday card. It looked like Elmer when he was a puppy:

After that, Elmer and Button visited the "Curves" where my daughter works for "bring someone to workout day". Neither one of them broke a sweat!

Following all the excitement of an outing, we had cake and ice cream in the afternooon: There's also a video: We let him "sit" at the table, but instead, he climbed right up onto the table top! (I know, I know!)

All of them got a new toy as well to add to the festivities:

Elmer was lazy after the cake . . .

The dignified birthday boy (before the explosion of fluff!) Notice his legs.

Relaxing with Dad after the festivities:
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