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:wub: :wub: Elmer turns two years old today! He is very excited about his special day. We will have a joint celebration for both him and Captain since we don't know exactly when Captain was born, January or February.

To start his day, he and Button will be visiting the Kilmarnock Curves, where my daughter works. Today is "Bring someone to workout day" and all the ladies are dying to see E & B! They will be wearing Curves shirts to this outing. So that should be exciting (and back-breaking for me!)

This afternoon, we will have Frosty paws and a cupcake for all of them. I may have to break it up so it's not too much junk all at once!

Oh how we spoil these hounds! :lol: :rolleyes: :wub:

I will post pics of the day later.
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