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Elmer in a headlock

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Well, as you can see, today was the day we took Elmer and Button to the vet for their shots and while we were there, we got their nails cut. Elmer is always scared to death (ever since another vet hit the quick last year) and does his best to squirm away, whines, makes dramatic faces, etc. Today he made out very well, but he did strike a dramatic pose as you can see below. He never flinched during his shot, but it took the vet tech and the vet to get the nails done. The vet tech is the son of another vet, who is also a good friend of ours. Thought you would enjoy seeing Mr. Scrunchy Face in action. Button was an angel the whole time.
P. S. There was no blood and he didn't hit the quick at all.

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At Ruby's vet, the techs sit on the floor and Ruby gets to be in one of their holds and one cuts. Ruby hates it but the tail is wagging in the face the whole time.

And she gets massive treats when we get home.

Janice and little Ruby ("don't you DARE say nails!")
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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