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Hi All,

I'm the owner of 2 basset boys, Sonny and Sherlock, both 11 years old.

Sonny weights 42 kg. He is having accidents daily while sleeping and poos himself. It hasn't been a big deal (to us) as he has firm poo, easy to clean up. But night before last he had diarrhoea. This was an epic disaster.

This morning, once again, he has done it. It is smeared into 2 spots of the living room carpet, and was all over his bum too. I owe my sanity to the portable pet shampooer I just bought a few weeks ago.

Does anyone have any tips on what type of diaper works for an obese male basset hound?

I'm really sorry for you re what's going on - ewww! However, you are asking about diapers - do you really want to use one and so hold what he does against him? My question would have to be why does he now have diarrhoea? And for an answer, I think you need to involve your vet. Sadly at the end of his life, our first boy started producing what would more be expected to come out of a cow!! On examination, he was found to be 'riddled' with cancer, so we had to let him go - give him peace poor boy. But at least that was something we were able to do so he had no more suffering. And having always been clean indoors (well as much as a Basset can be if left for too long!) he was mega distressed about what was going on.

Yes indeed to carpet shampooers!
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