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For one thing elbow displasia is not a single problem there are a number of problems FAP UAP and elbow incongruity and even sometine ocd of the elbow are labled as elbow displasia. In most cases it is the incongruity in basset that is on of the two bones ulna or radius is longer or shorter than the other. It is very rare that in a basset there is not some inconcruity the trick is determining if the inconguity is enough to be cusing pain and second if the growth plates are not closed if it will correct itself. I would recommend waiting until the growth plates close before going the surgical route it a second opinion never hurts.

I can't help but think this is our fault. He did stairs when he was younger, and lots of activity.
At this date it would be unlike to be able to determine if the cause of the problem is related to truama. A rule of thumb is if both limbs are affected it is more likely genetic if only a single limb trauma but that certainly is not 100% true in every case not even close.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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