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Either Eat it or Let ME Eat It!

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:lol: As usual, this morning Elmer was dawdling over his breakfast. I honestly think he enjoys it when he knows Button wants what he has. Button bolts his food down, then stands there and "encourages" Elmer to eat. I imagine he is saying "Hey! There are starving dogs in Ethiopia who would like to have that food! :lol:

Sorry it's sideways! Does anyone know how to rotate a video from a digital camera, or can it be done? Next time, I will just use the landscape position.
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I love the way Elmer doesn't even seem phased by Button's barking. Just kinda lays there like he doesn't hear anything. José does this same thing when we go for a walk and a dog at one of the houses or yards is barking at him. I wonder if people think he is deaf!
I used to worry that he was hard of hearing, but we have performed certain "tests" and believe me, it's just SELECTIVE hearing :blink: He can hear the treat jar at 100 paces if I lift the lid just as quietly as I can. He is just the patriarch of the family!
That was to cute! :lol:
Very funny! :lol:

Doris does the same,
wait until Emma is finished -
then she will envy her the food.... :rolleyes:

If you import the movie into Windows Movie Maker, (included in Windows XP),
you can right click on the file and chose Video effects, then rotate 90 degrees.

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
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Cute video! Should come with a warning though, all three of mine were asleep and when it started to play and the barking started they all just up barking,running all over the house looking for who was barking. I should have had a video of that. :lol:
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