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Early Warning System

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On Christmas morning we woke up at 7:00am to our Carbon monoxide detector going off in our bedroom. I pulled it out of the socket, and replugged it in, thinking maybe it malfunctioned. It still was letting out a piercing scream, so I unplugged it again. I'm worried that we are all being poisioned -- but I don't want to wake the children up. (Parents, you understand!) :)

Bad news...we have one toxic doggy! :mad:

The detector is now far, far away from her rear-end!

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AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh........Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....Ehhhhhhhhhhhh.....LOllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll......tear coming from my eye......Ah Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........OMG......
LMAO too funny :D
OMG!!! That is the first time I have heard this!! So Funny!! Happy to be a slave to Tummy Boy
bcc11 that is hilarous!!!!!!! At first I was frightened for you. . . thought something had happened to Chloe. I am glad in wasn't too serious. :D
Happy New Years!!!!!!
That's a great story. Our houndies can really cause trouble even when they aren't trying to.
That is hysterical! I'll have to remember that and keep ours away from Rosie at all times!
Gosh your story had me. I never thought it was your hound! That is so crazy...they must be toxic somehow because I know when Maggie lets some it can clear a room out.

Glad to hear everyone is ok and the detector works!
This is really funny. I know these hounds, they could make the most dangerous 'gas' in the whole world. Silent but Deadly! :D

Believe me, don't let them eat a hard boil egg. You don't want to know the result. I've been there and I'm glad I am still here. :D
:D :D :D Good One :D :D
Too Funny!! I will have to tell the firemen that come into the ER that one! LOL!

If that ever happens your windows right away. If it is really CO...that dilutes it!
Scary, but I know what you mean. Charlie rarely -- er -- lets go. But when he does, oh boy, it's as bad as can be. Your nostrils stick together, your throat closes, your eyes tear. That boy can surely clear a room!

Good thing we keep our CO detector in another part of the house.......
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