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ear crud

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Like most bassets (so I've heard anyway), Rooney has a unique ability to drag his ears through mud, float them in his water bowl (the one we got because it was specifically for long-eared breeds - oh well), swiffer up dust bunnies, etc.. This, we expected. And, of course, we are constantly cleaning wax from inside his ears (I joke with my partner that one day she's going to lose a hand down there). However, as of late he's developed constant crud spots on the outside of his ears, right where the edge meets his jowls. And yes, he is a drooler, so I imagine this tar-like black gunk is dried slobber mixed with dirt and hardened to the consistency of asphalt.

But it stinks. And it's hard to get off - regular puppy wipes aren't up to the job, you really have to scrub, and I worry I'm going to irritate his skin. Anybody have a product that has worked wonders to keep your dog's ears sweet-smelling and gunk free? If so, where did you get it?
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Some people on this site use snoods to keep their dogs' ears crud-free. Search the site for "snood". Another thing you might consider, and this is just a guess on my part, is applying a silicon-based spray on the ends of the ears. Something like Show Sheen for horses. It might keep the stuff from sticking to his ears, and since it's made for horses, which have sensitive skin, it shouldn't irritate a dog's ears.
Eloise has horrible ear tips because (WARNING: GROSS) she laps up urine and dips her ears in the process. Talk about stink!!! I put some warm water in a bowl, dip the ear tips in it, and gently work the crud out of them. Towel dry and she's good to go!
I also find that warm water works great. Just let them soak for a little bit, and then the crud comes right off. Sometimes I'll use some dog shampoo and a wash cloth, and that does the trick and the really stuck on crud. You could always try tying your basset's ears back with a soft clip before meal time so that his ears don't get into his food (My ob/gyn actually recommended that to me...there are basset people all over). Good luck.
The warm water has worked for us too, but if it doesn't or if it takes too long, sometimes at work we use Goo Gone. It's a citris based product and as long as you wash it off afterwards it works really well for getting off gunk (we use it mainly on tape residue). We haven't had anyone report a problem with it, only less goo.

Rachael D.
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