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E-collar alternative??

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Hilda's bandage came off today, but the vet wants her to wear an E-collar (cone) for a few days to prevent her from licking her paw. She is totally freaked out by this thing. I don't think bassets are meant to wear this type of collar. It keeps scraping the floor and getting caught on everything because she's so low to the ground. Does anyone know of another way to keep her from licking her paw without covering it with a bandage?

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I went to the Health and Genetics Forum and did a search- this thread from June of 2006 might help-
Rusty recently had surgery to remove a rock that lodged between his small & large intestine. This is the collar we made out of a rolled up beach towel for him.

I have to give credit to Bogie's Mom. She posted a photo of him with this collar after his rock removal surgery. Rusty's Vet had never seen this idea used and was quite impressed. In fact, I spoke with R & S breeder yesterday and she is using now for one of her dogs who just got spayed. Thanks Connnie for the great idea!

It worked wonderfully. Rusty actually used the collar as a pillow when he slept. He didn't mind it at all. We put his nylon collar on first, then rolled the towel lengthwise and duct taped it to keep it together. We used a large shoestring to put through his colar and the towel and tied it at the top.

Here is Bogie in his collar:

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Hey, Patti! You beat me to it with the info and Bogie picture. The rolled towel does work great, and you sure have a happier Basset. Hopefully it will work for Hilda!!
Good, I now have the instructions for the collar Minnie will likely need in a couple weeks. She has 6 to 8 of those dermal cysts bassets get. Since she's going for teeth cleaning anyway, we will have the vet take the cysts off at the same time.

Thank you to Patti & the Carters!
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