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Dry/Crusty nose?

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I have noticed Porter's nose gets a bit dry sometimes and it doesn't feel wet and cold, but it doesn't seem to bother him. Anyone else seen this in their dog? It changes from dry to wet and then back. I don't know what would cause this change but I think its weird. And Once in a while, he would have a running nose, maybe it is from digging in the dirt? I don't know. Porter is a bit strange. :p
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I have noticed this with Annie as well. She does have allergies so that explains the sometimes runny nose...also there have been times I thought it was a runny nose but turned out she had just been snorkeling in the water dish :D
Once in a while Murray's nose gets a crusty spot along the edge; I rub a little Vaseline on it and that takes care of it.
It changes from dry to wet and then back.
Completely normal "a cold wet nose " - healthy dog is the myth,
9 of the Biggest Dog Myths
The temperature and moisture of your dog's nose are not miracle measurements of his health. For instance, a dog's nose is often dry and/or warm if he has just woken up, and this is perfectly normal. However, a nose that is persistently dry and crusted might be a sign of a health problem.
Thanks everyone! I feel a lot better now knowing the nose situation is normal. I just always assumed a dog's nose should be wet. I am happy Porter's nose is ok. I like his big nose :D
Given your location you and Porter may want to check out Woofstock 2011 Sept 10 2011
Bowser was always this way! I freaked out when he was a baby, and the vet was like "so what?" And i was like, But his nose is so DRY!! lol he's about even, now. Sometimes wet, sometimes dry : )
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