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Drool drool drool drool...
over here, and over there
drool drool drool drool...
I find it everwhere

it's streaked on all the windows
the doorways and the wall
it's even on the tv set
but wait, that isn't all...

my shoes are never shiny
my clothes are never clean
and if you own a basset hound
you know exactly what I mean

It reaches places up so high
you'd almost think it had wings
yes, all it takes is one shake of the head
to see just how far this drool flings

It never ends, I tell you
this constant flow of slime
bassets are in full drool mode
almost all of the the time

So I've given up on cleaning
and doing laundry too
this basset drool is out of hand
and there's nothing I can do!

Sandy Hamon 2008

1,244 Posts
That poem was great and oh so true!!!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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