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I'm ditching the clippers and going to dremel Princess Buttercup's nails. She's a pretty good girl but just way way wiggley with the clippers! However, during our trial run with the dremel she nearly fell asleep!! But before I run out to buy my own rotary tool, I'd like some recommendations on brands/model numbers and just how many volts does a girl need? What about corded or cordless? Cordless sounds good, but I'd hate to run out of juice midway through.

I'm curious what's working well on our precious little basset paws,

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my cordless dremel. I use a Dremel 10.8 Volt Lithium-Ion model that has 5,000-35,000 RPM's and 10 speeds. It can take those nails down quick... however you really have to know what you are doing or you can definately hurt yourself and the dog. If they are kickers it can be difficult. It takes a while to get used to what you are doing and get the dogs used to it but once you get good at it and the dogs are used to it they are a god send.

Our rescue boy hated having his nails clipped and was a holy terror when we had to do it... it took both of us holding him down and at that I almost ended up with a black eye one time with him writhing around. Now with the dremel he still sometimes gets riled up every so often but I just lay him down on his back (which primarily is what he doesn't like but oh well it's the only way to get them all in the position I need them) and go to town. His nails are great in that I can take off about a centimeter or so at a time and he's fine, plus they grow really slow so I only have to do him every month or so but then again his nails also don't have to be as far back as Roxie's do for the show ring.

Roxie's nails are terrible and they grow really fast and the quick does not like to recede so if I need to get them back for a show and I've let them go for a month (like I do with Beau) I have to dremel them every other day (every day and they bleed which she throws a fit about) and if I do them every other day and just get up to the quick to where I see the slightest dot of pink and stop. That takes about two weeks to get them back where they need to be for the ring... and still they are a bit too long for most people's tastes... but what can you do... that's the way her nails are.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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