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Dozer's dirty little trick.

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Dozer was laying on the floor looking up at me with his tail thumping the floor, so I got off the chair to join him on the floor. I reached over to pet him, when he got up and jumped up into the chair I was in. :eek:
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what a cheeky little monkey he is! I can just imagine it happen LOL!!! - its happened to us a few times too!!
He's got you trained well, doesn't he?!

Oh, you fell for the old "lure 'em outta the chair (or off the couch)" trick! Now I don't feel so bad. I fall for it all the time.
Charlie rings his bell to go outside. When DH gets out of the recliner to open the door, Charlie jumps in the chair.

People who think bassets are stupid need to live with 'em for awhile ;) !
Daisy will actually pull this one on Sally. Sally has the chair she wants; Daisy goes over and play bows to Sally (keep in mind that Daisy has never, ever played with Sally in 6 years), Sally jumps down to play, Daisy gets the chair. Poor Sally never catches on :eek: :rolleyes:
Snoopy will either go to the back door and bark (like he needs to go out) then as soon as you get to the door he will hi-tail it to couch. Because he wants "YOUR" spot, not the other 3 or so feet of available space left on the couch. Then he lays his head up on the arm of the couch with the look of "WHAAT????? was this your spot"

Now this is pretty smart, because he knows you will always come to let him out, can't risk not responding.
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