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i agree with sadeyes about the *trained* animal behaviorist. you might also want to join AGBEH, a yahoo group for people with aggressive dogs. i'll post the link to the group later today.

you also want to make sure it's fear aggression and not aggression --- they're two very different things.

Yogi has fear aggression, but he has never bitten anyone nor shown the least inclination to bite. instead, he growls and puffs up and tries to get away to hide. he also has some other stuff going on --- he's very, very noise sensitive, so much so that a car backfiring a block away will send him running to the front door to hide.

one thing you really want to do first is learn how to manage the situation. true, i'm not sure how you would manage a situation when he believes the cheese and crackers on the plate are his and not yours (!), but it sounds like that's the kind of thing you need to figure out.

dogs like this sometimes have other stuff going on --- with Yogi, i know he wasn't properly socialized before i got him, but he's also a very sensitive dog, which is true of many dogs with fear aggression. he's not a dominant fellow at all and definitely has some kind of sound thing going on and some issues with anxiety. a lot of exercise really seems to help with him. i also have clear rules laid out, even though i'm actually a very lax disciplinarian ::blush::

i consulted an animal behaviorist and he ended up wanting to work on Biscuit, not Yogi. :rolleyes: Biscuit was showing off for him --- running through the room trailing socks like a flag, flinging them about, looking exceedingly charming, doing his usual --- and the behaviorist seemed to think Biscuit needed to just sit like a good dog without making a peep. haha! so i ended up going it alone with Yogi. there are still problems but, in general, he's just a big gentle giant and lovebunny. his fear has really lessened, but it's still there somewhat.
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