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I had a similar situation as Murraysmom. My German Shepherd was not at all agressive to us but to everyone else. We got him as a young pup, 2 weeks before my Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I did not have the time or mind set to socialize him. All my time was for my Mom. This just made him protective of his home, his things and us. We had to supervise him 24/7. Never letting him near company or a child. It was very difficult. I felt guilty because we failed him by not socializing him when it was crucial. So we wouldn't put him down. He lived to be 9 years old. It was so hard to live with a dog like that. It's like having a loaded gun and never knowing when it will go off. I think if you can't supervise him you have to put him down. Maybe some others will share their thoughts or experience on this. Good Luck to you.
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